17 January 2011

On the Indianapolis Museum of Art and Georgia O'Keefe's Obsession With Vaginae

Recently I went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art with one of my friends. I went because of a project that I am currently doing in school about the state of art and elective classes in education, which, in the United States, is slowly dwindling away, that involves a site visit to a place that has something to do with your topic.

Art has always perplexed me. I can grasp the meanings behind entire novels and decipher the complex metaphors in literature with ease. Yet when I am given a Georgia O'Keefe painting of a flower--which probably sums up 90% of her paintings--and I am expected to make the assumption that it represents a vagina, I am lost.

The point of this post is not to highlight Georgia O'Keefe's obsession with female reproductive organs. Rather it's about how different people communicate differently. Some people communicate through music, some through teaching, and some through painting pictures of flowers that have some deep message about female sexuality. I communicate through writing.

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  1. Beautiful banner at your site as well, I am reminded of some wall paintings by the Mexican artist, Diego Rivera, such as this one http://EN.WahooArt.com/A55A04/w.nsf/OPRA/BRUE-8BWNY4. You browse more murals of his at wahooart.com.