21 February 2011

On a President's Day Deary

The only time that mass American Exceptionalism really pays off is on President's Day (and maybe the 4th of July simply because it's an excuse to blow things up). It's a pointless holiday, kind of like Groundhog's Day, except that most people get out of work and school. (The rest of the time American Exceptionalism is a nuisance and kind of annoying.)

So how did I spend my President's Day weekend? It started off on Saturday when I spent an our and a half walking through a local cemetery taking pictures of tombstones, like the one on the right of Opal who is last-name-less, to get ideas for a short story. Also, on Saturday I spent three hours at Barnes & Noble reading and people watching. (No, I don't feel creepy when I do this.) (Yes, this is how I spend my Saturdays.)

Then yesterday, in the evening, I went to youth group (or oof group, as my pastors' daughter calls it) where we talked about Glee and how awesome it is.

Today, however, I did nearly nothing of substance... nothing at all... I read a little... and wrote a little... and watched the rain a little... and ate some ice cream... a lot.

The reason that I post anything on this blog is because I think it is something that is worthwhile or important or funny. This post, however, is none of these. I suppose you could argue that simplicity is worthwhile, but I would disagree, simplicity is boring.

So there was really no point for me to post this, but I felt like I should write something so I didn't get into a rut of "I'll write something tomorrow" and then completely forget about this blog until I'm in college and look back on this pathetic little project and laugh at my immaturity.

That is all.

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