12 April 2011

On Pulling Your Head Out of Your Ass

So the whole "blog every day in April" thing... hasn't happened. Sorry, I've been busy.

Every generation has its civil rights issue. Ours is homosexuality, and I think, for the sake of the future of our society, it is something that should be addressed as soon as possible.

I'm not entirely sure what the people who hate homosexuals are basing their arguments on because I try to avoid talking to these people at all costs, but from what I hear, they're saying that it's in the bible. In the bible there are millions--I don't know an exact number--of scriptures, seven of which address homosexuality in some way or another, and most of which only mention it as a result of poor translation.

As for those who use the God-made-man-for-woman argument, of COURSE He did!! God isn't stupid, I'm sure He knew He had to make a man and a woman to make more people. That's how it works, if you have problems understanding that, it's your parents' fault, not homosexuals.

Lastly there is no excuse to hate anyone, let alone hating someone for something they cannot control. So pull your head out of your ass--it's against the sodomy law.

Also, I may do more posts on homosexuality because I really like this topic, and I haven't said everything I want to about it.

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